Let’s Talk Energy!


Vijaya Ramachandran is  an economist whose research focuses on economic growth and energy infrastructure, mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Breakthrough Institute is a global research center that identifies and promotes technological solutions to environmental and human development challenges. Listen in to what Vijaya has to say here:

Let's Talk Energy!

The Let’s Talk Energy series was recorded in Nairobi at the Africa Energy Forum in June 2023.
From financing the energy sector through to gender equality, solar power to batteries, hydropower to minigrids, the impact of energy poverty on lives, and unlocking renewable power…it’s all up for discussion!
Look out for the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP), Siemens Energy, Nedbank CIB, and the National Youth Caucus Kenya – who all spoke at the Youth Energy Day.

Lucy Nyoike, Senior Associate, Partnerships, Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP)

In a brilliant conversation with Grace Waswa, Lucy Nyoike explains the background and mission behind GEAPP, the impact of energy poverty on lives, and the GEAPP projects set to address this. Lucy also talks about women in energy, the importance of partnerships and collaboration – and has inspiring advice for young people.

François-Xavier Dubois, Vice President Eastern Africa, Siemens Energy

François-Xavier Dubois talks to Tony Tiyou about key projects and territories and a strengthening regional presence in East Africa, in a discussion that covers investment in the grid, interconnection and reliable power; plus the importance of youth and Siemen’s 100% readiness for green technology.

Lucy Mutuku, CEO, National Youth Caucus Kenya

Lucy Mutuku talks to Grace Waswa about finding purpose, her passion for youth empowerment and the role of the National Youth Caucus in Africa. Find out why more young people should venture into entrepreneurship – and why believing in yourself is so important.

Dhireshni Chowthee, Principal: Energy Finance, Nedbank CIB

Dhireshni Chowthee, Principal: Energy Finance, Nedbank CIB, speaks to Zeddy Bariti, Principal Public Communication Officer, Ministry of East African Community, about Nedbank’s positioning as a green bank; plus battery storage, sustainable lending, putting power into the grid through the mining sector, aggregated PPAs and bringing more green financing into the continent.

Luca Silva, COO, Red Rocket

With current projects in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia, Luca Silva, COO, Red Rocket, talks to Tony Tiyou about the company’s trajectory of growth, managing risk and thinking outside the box – and the role of young people in the future of energy.

Anyababa Ikem, Investment Principal, AIIM

Anyababa Ikem, Investment Principal, AIIM, and Marc Howard, deputy editor, African Energy, discuss renewables, exciting trends in the C&I sector, ESG and new markets. Plus, the importance of regulatory frameworks, financing innovation and why strengthening grid infrastructure is a win-win for all.

Gadi Taj Ndahumba, Chief Legal Counsel, Energy & Sovereign Debt, ALSF

With green hydrogen high on the agenda, Gadi Taj Ndahumba talks to Jon Marks, editorial director of African Energy, on how the ALSF is helping de-risk the development stage of projects for governments, allowing them to think more imaginatively, particularly when it comes to new technologies that could be transformational for the continent. Projects in Seychelles, Botswana, Mauritius, Namibia and Egypt are discussed, plus capacity and infrastructure constraints, the importance of flexible legal frameworks, transmission and cross country trade, and how the ALSF can ease negotiations and help everyone understand what can be on the table.

Morgan Hillenbrand, Director of Communications, USAID’s Engendering Industries Program, USA

“Global research tells us that energy companies that have gender-balanced leadership teams report 59% higher innovation and creativity.” Morgan Hillenbrand, Director of Communications, USAID’s Engendering Industries Program, talks to Amine Lamti, EnergyNet, about the business case for gender equality.

Marianna Gavriel and Mawuli Asempa, Mytilineos Energy & Metals

Mawuli Asempa and Marianna Gavriel, in conversation with Tony Tiyou, talk energy efficiency, technology and sustainability; project delivery in Ghana, Nigeria, Libya, Tunisia and Uganda; the sustainable delivery of energy and technology at an affordable price and the role of ESG.

Ryan Wang, General Manager, LONGi Africa

With a presence in six countries across the continent, Ryan Wang talks to Tony Tiyou about solar power, its role in C&I, pricing, warranties and recycling; plus, LONGi’s focus on education and young people in spreading the word about technology and renewables.

Marcel Bruhwiler, Infrastructure Manager, East and Southern Africa, IFC

Marcel Bruhwiler, Infrastructure Manager, East and Southern Africa, IFC, talks to Marc Howard, deputy editor, African Energy, about private sector investment in the energy transition, the promotion of renewables and bridging the energy gap; as they cover minigrids, the fuel value chain, reducing tariffs, plug and play power projects, hydropower and key territories to watch.

Deline Ramiro, Operations & Partnership Lead, Solidarity Initiative for Refugees (SIR)

Tune in to hear from Deline Ramiro in conversation with Grace Waswa as she discusses her work in the Kakuma refugee camp. A refugee herself, Deline talks about the importance of teaching digital skills to help build lives and create livelihoods. Find out how energy and power affect her work and the lives of those around her, what motivates her and what advice on leadership she has for other young people.

Chris Antonopoulos, CEO, Lekela Power

Find out from the largest pure play developer of renewables on the African continent why the future is looking bright. Chris Antonopoulos talks to John Hamilton, African Energy, about the capital available to invest and the company’s commitment to the continent as they discuss projects across wind, power and battery; and the role government and utilities can play in facilitating growth.

Shirley Webber, Managing Principal: Coverage Head of Resources & Energy, Absa CIB

Shirley Webber from Absa CIB talks to Jon Marks about building the Absa brand, the pace of projects and what’s driving them forward. Plus, energy trading in Africa compared to Europe, the C&I revolution, distribution and the value chain, new minerals, and the shifts and trends in the market that Absa looks to support.

Ayobami Adedinni, Founder, The Energy Intelligence

Grace Waswa hears from Ayobami Adedinni, Founder, The Energy Intelligence, about the power of storytelling, and how, as a young journalist in Nigeria, he was inspired to launch his own media organisation for the renewable energy sector.

Anmay Dittman, Director, BlackRock Climate Infrastructure

Tune in for a fascinating discussion between Jon Marks and Anmay Dittman,  Portfolio Manager for the Climate Finance Partnership (CFP) at BlackRock. Anmay talks about the shifting role of private equity, working with DFI’s, projects, transmission systems, revenue models, unlocking renewable power and what private capital can do for the continent.

Solomon Njonjo, Co-CEO, Serengeti Energy

Solomon Njonjo talks to Tony Tiyou about developing renewables across the value chain, key markets and ambitions, ongoing projects and making an impact, plus plans for the future across the continent.