How Open Africa Power Helped Four Women take the next step in their Energy Careers

The Open Africa Power programme, co-managed by SEforALL and Enel Foundation, is a unique platform for young professionals to gain valuable insights, connect with industry leaders, and develop innovative solutions to address Africa’s energy challenges.

It is crucial to empower Africa’s young leaders with the necessary knowledge and tools to shape the continent’s energy landscape because it is their future which are most at stake.

The 2022 cohort of the Open Africa Power programme has produced exceptional female talent in the energy sector, with four outstanding women emerging among the top performers of the programme. Their achievements underscore the importance of empowering young leaders and promoting inclusivity in Africa’s energy sector.  They serve as role models for aspiring young professionals hoping to reshape Africa’s energy landscape. This demonstrates the immense potential of Africa’s youth in driving the continent’s energy transition toward a sustainable and equitable future.

Read all about these impressive young talents and their takeaways from Open Africa Power

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