This year, the world is uniting around the global stocktake, a critical turning point in our global efforts against climate change, ensuring we are on track to charting a better course for the future.

Join GEAPP’s #LetsChangeEnergy campaign by writing a letter to your future self! All the tools and links you need are here.

Get inspired – read the letter written by  Joseph Nganga, Vice President for Africa for GEAPP, CEO of the inaugural Africa Climate Summit – and speaking at YES! Youth Energy Day in Nairobi on Friday 10 November.


  • The technology is already available.
  • The deployment is now cheaper.
  • A renewable-powered world is here—right now.
  • Share your vision for this world and #LetsChangeEnergy for good

This campaign will culminate at COP28 in Dubai and be showcased at the SDG7 Pavilion!

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